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Mathew & Breanne 

Breanne and Matt's love story is one that will tug at your heart. As her maid of honor said in her speech, "When Bre loves she loves hard." She is real. She is true. She is strong, confident and does not give her heart easily. This beautiful day was filled with many tears. Many laughs, beards, hugs, drinks, fun, amazing family and friends, and most importantly so much love. I keep trying to think of a way to describe this day. From the very beginning to the very end Breanne was GLOWING with such deep raw excitement. It is an amazing thing to witness to be a part of a Bride's wedding day who is so HAPPY to be marrying her best friend. The excitement flows through the whole day and it makes everyone else around just feel an indescribable happiness with them. 

I haven't mentioned yet that Breanne is a dear friend of my family. My older sister was her maid of honor. Her best friend for 10+ years. This fact did not help me one bit when trying to take photos during the ceremony and speeches. I was crying my eyes out with everyone else! 

The Ceremony was officiated by her Father. They have the BEST relationship. It is amazing to watch them together. Over the years of friendship with her I have always admired the way her Father adores her, and she him!  - Also, I have to let you know, he is the executive Chef of Bistro 234 in down town Turlock and you have to visit and experience this incredible restaurant! 

This weekend was hit with a major wind storm. We were on a mountain top. It was cold. Things were flying everywhere. . . It didn't matter. Of course we would have loved to not have the obstacle of the wind but everyone was just happy to celebrate. After dinner and a few sunset photos of Matt and Bre everyone moved inside for speeches to warm up. It was the most emotional and touching speeches I have ever witnessed as a wedding photographer. 
The B E S T part? yes, I am about to say this guys. . . The  F L A M I N G . D O N U T S. Yes, I said flaming donuts by  Chef's Table Catering. If you can find a way to enjoy these amazing creations you will thank me later. I promise you!! 

Lastly, for any Brides in the Pismo area, please contact DJ Bob Phase 1 Mobile DJ . There is no doubt he will make your wedding reception one to remember! 

How they felt by the end of the evening. Exhausted! I will always love this photo. 

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