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- When booking your session, a minimum $50 non-refundable deposit 
is due via pay pal immediately to secure your appointment. 
Final balance is due by CASH OR CHECK at the arrival of your session. 
Deposit is applied toward the session fee. 
( Credit cards or paypal are accepted at an additional fee)

Due to the custom nature of the service provided photography services
 and any products that may be purchased. 
All sales are final and not refundable.

Standard Photo session $250 
- Photo session details -
For 1-5  people| Engagement, Family or Maternity | Each additional person $25 and 3 extra images
Family pet add $15 | Online gallery of edited photos to order professional quality prints
Minimum best 20 images fully edited | Add a USB of edited images $50

Senior Photo session $200

 -Senior Session Details- 
 On location 45-60 minutes
3 outfits | Minimum best 20+ edited photos 
Online gallery of edited photos to order professional quality prints 
Add a USB flash drive $50

Studio Photo Photo Session $150

-Studio Session Details-
30 minute studio session | ages 6 month & up
Up to 3 people inside the studio | $25 each additional person | One outfit for family 
2 outfits for 2 or one child/ren | Online gallery  
Add a USB flash drive $50 | very limited weekend dates best during the week

Cake Smash Studio Session $175 
- Cake Smash Details-
2 outfits. One regular pre-cake and one outfit for the cake smashing * cake outfit is always last.
balloons, tissue poms, access to prop collection to add any desired props , set up, clean up
Minimum best 15+ images edited | Online gallery 
Add USB flash drive $50 | Cake NOT provided by photographer. 
Helpful Tips:
*Parents please be sure to give your child a cupcake at least once before the photo session to 
let them become familiar with the texture and taste. Choose a whipped frosting, so it is not thick and heavy. ALWAYS take the cake out of the fridge a few hours before the session so the frosting has time to soften. Avoid chocolate, deep blue, red or dark pink frosting these colors stain everything!

-These sessions are best done as close to their actual first birthday as possible.  Make sure baby has had a nap, and a small meal but not enough to fill their tummy too much before coming for a cake smash session. Sleepy babies will never cooperate for a cake smash photo shoot. ever. It's a fact. 
* Don't forget you will mot likely get messy too! Wear easy to slip off shoes, and clothes ready for a mess. These sessions can be a lot of fun moving around around! 
To view sample images of a cake smash style session looks like  click HERE

Newborn Photo Session $275

- Newborn Session Details-
( scroll down for a detailed 'how to prep for my newborns photo session )

  up to 3 hours in the Down Town Turlock studio
- The sleepier the baby the more options for sets -
Add siblings in the photo session for an additional  $25

Access to my personal prop & outfit collection
Focusing on the Newborn being  4-10 days old is best

Newborn sessions are available Monday-Friday | weekend availability limited
- To see more examples not shown on the website of what newborn sessions look like click HERE

In home newborn session $325
 Lifestyle session inside your home.
Some props will be provided | Parents and/or siblings included if desired.
If your home is outside of 95380, 95301, 95340 zip code an additional fee may be charged.

*It is very common that the baby will not sleep for a very long time when you arrive for the session and the first hour is just waiting on the baby to sleep. Newborns can NOT be awake during the session. They do not cooperate or hold still and we can not get the images needed if we don't have a sleepy baby. So please I beg that you make sure to read the pre-session instructions below. 
*Minimum best 15+ images edited & retouched and loaded to an online gallery. - Varies on cooperation from baby.

-Up to 4 sets available. Each set is one blanket/basket with a hat or bow combination.
-Parent/baby is set one, then parents can choose 3 'sets' or if the session is only the newborn, there are up to 4 blanket/basket/hat/bow combinations.
-If a family does not arrive on time, it will limit this availability and lower the amount of 'sets' possible. There is a 2 1/2 hour window blocked out for newborns. Which is why it is important they are very sleepy. 


-The time agreed on for the newborn session is the best time to arrive to the studio. 
The first 15-25 minutes is set up and going over what sets are laid out for you and then together we adjust according to your likes, what you may have brought, etc. 
From the sessions START time it is a 2 1/2 hour window that is blocked out for your family.

 If there is only enough time for 2 sets, and we have reached the 'end time' there will only be 2 sets photographed. For first time parents especially it can be hard to adjust to the added tasks to arrive on time to places, this is understandable. However, arriving 30-45 minutes late has  happened often.

 IF a family is late to arrive that means the session time is still being used. 
The session will not continue longer to make up for the absence from the original start time.

[Arriving over 30 minutes late takes away from the time I personally can be with my family] 

*Thank you for understanding* 

-There is an extensive "how to prepare" list at the bottom of this page and it is very important to try your best to follow the tips for the best possible newborn session.

Milestone Package $600 
 This includes: 

Newborn session inside studio
6 month session - In studio OR outdoors for baby only
( option to add family: see below )

1st Birthday session 
( see 1st birthday session options below)

Deposit: $100 . Newborn balance: $200 6months: $150 First birthday: $150

Each session includes minimum 15+ edited images | Online gallery | Add USB flash drive $50 
Newborn session must be between 4-12 days old | Up to 3 hours photography time. Add siblings: $25

*6 - 7 month, Baby only is best when baby can sit up alone 
| 45 minutes of photography time 
*Add siblings $50
*First birthday can include parents if outdoors | Add siblings $50
*Cake smash in studio is for baby only, add $25
* Outdoor cake smash with family add $50
*Outdoor family session down town followed by an in studio cake smash add $75

            Watch me Grow Package $800
 Just like the Milestone package with two additional sessions in studio
Baby only at 3 months & 9 months | 30 minutes | 2 outfits | $100 due

Extended Family Session $425 | 13-18 people
90 minutes | Multiple sets with family members
Each additional person $25 | No pets please
Deposit is $100 | Best 35+ images edited
( depending on cooperation from children and various grouping combinations of each family )
Online gallery | Add USB flash drive $50

*Extended family sessions always include at least 2 different styled group poses, each individual family, each couple, each set of siblings, 'just the cousins' , only the grandparents with the grand children, and so on... This is a lot of groupings so we always start with the smallest aged children first, and get the most important large group shots first. 

MORE details you need to know

Mini Sessions
Mini sessions are NOT always available to schedule at any given time of the year. There will be dates for mini sessions happening for a special occasion. Such as a Valentine's themed day, 4th of July, back to school or Halloween, etc. Or sometimes I will just come up with a fun idea and offer a day of mini shoots!  It is very rare that Christmas themed mini sessions will be available, but always check the social media pages to find out! The fall season is the busiest time of year and typically will be fully booked by the middle of September. Schedule your sessions for Fall early.

By keeping up with the Facebook fan page, you will  be able to catch  the mini sessions IF and  when they become available. 
So be sure to become a fan of Heather Marshall Photography.  

How long does it take to get my photos?

Your  photos will be delivered within  4 weeks  from the date of your session. 
I do my best to complete the processing of a photo session as quickly as possible and try to return the images within 2 weeks, but can only guarantee they will not take longer than 4 weeks. 
If you need your images back faster than 2-4 weeks, you can add a $50 rush fee. 
This will allow you to have your session back in 4 business days.
Weddings are a wait time of 8-10 weeks. 
Rush fee for a wedding is $200 that will get you your images back in 2 weeks.

-What images do I get?

**All images selected by  Photographer**  

Photographer chooses all images that are considered the 'best' of the shoot. Every image is hand selected and edited by photographer. If you would like to purchase your entire session of all images taken you have the option, but I must know before or the day of our session. 
-I do not offer all of the original images after the session has been processed. 
-Entire session will included 'blurry or blinked eyed' images, all images are UNedited.
-To purchase your entire session including all unedited images the fee is $50 and is due at the time of your session along with the standard remaining balance. 
-Each additional requested edited image is $30. 

-What if I lose my flash drive? Can I get a new one from you at any time? How long do I have if I do lose it?

Photo sessions are ONLY saved in archives for up to 12 weeks after your session date. Please be careful with how you handle your USB flash drive when you receive it. You should always download them directly to your computer as soon as you receive it. If you lose your USB and need to request a new one I can not guarantee they will still be available. IF you need to order an additional flash drive and they are still available for a USB the fee is $75. 

How do I prepare for our Newborn session?
- The day of your newborn session there are a few things you can do to help your little one be extra sleepy for their shoot. You do NOT want your newborn to be awake for their photos. 

The sleepier and younger they are the better so they are still flexible and easier to pose. A few hours before your session try keeping your baby awake by talking to them, messing with them and not letting them stay bundled up in their crib or swing. If you are lucky enough to have a visitor over to meet your new baby, ask them to keep baby  awake for you while you prepare for the outing.  This will give your family member/friend some bonding time, and help us for the photo session later. This will help in making sure they are extra sleepy for us later. I stress to all newborn clients that you MUST do this. Newborns can not be awake for their photo session. They will not hold still and stay posed if they are awake. 

DO NOT-  put your baby in a regular outfit when bringing them for a photo session. The more difficult it is to remove their clothing the harder it is for me to keep them asleep. ALWAYS have your baby wear a simple onsie that buttons, or a body sleeper that zips. Nothing that will have to be removed by pulling it over their heads.

-Also, depending on how long the drive is for you to get to the studio, nurse the baby RIGHT before you leave to come for the photos. If you have a long drive have one parent sit in the back with the baby to keep him or her awake. 

*IF parents plan to take photos with baby do not wear heavy jewelry, or any jewelry other than wedding bands, simple earrings and only keep a necklace on if it is one you never take off..
Dark clothing, solid black, or solid white, soft blues, pale pinks. Keep clothing very clean and simple.  
* Don't forget: Extra formula, diapers, a soft blanket they use from home, burp cloths, baby wipes, a back up shirt for both parents just in case the baby spits up, also important GAS DROPS!

Photo sessions are about 45-60 minutes. If you are late by 5, 10 or 20+ minutes your session will NOT go longer than the original end time. Whatever time your session is supposed to begin, it ends one hour after. Being late to a photo session is not the responsibility of the photographer to make up extra time. If your session starts at 1:00pm, it is over at 2:00pm. No exceptions with this. In the busy seasons photo sessions are scheduled back to back and if one family is late it is not fair to the family after to lose time during their photo session or for the photographer to feel behind and worried.

 Being on time is the responsibility of the client. Please be respectful of this.

* All photo sessions require a retainer. When a date and time is chosen a PayPal invoice is sent to Client and is due IMMEDIATELY. If a retainer is not paid the date is not locked in on the calendar. The date and time you may be requesting will not be held without a retainer and will be given to the next family requesting the date/time if you have not secured with a paid retainer. 

* FINAL BALANCE IS ALWAYS DUE AT THE PHOTO SESSION. The retainer will lock in the photo session date, the remaining balance of the Photo session fee is due AT the photo session, NOT any time later.
* Final balance is due by cash or check
*Additional fee if paid with a CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD. 

* IF a check does not clear client will be responsible for bank fees charged. Images will not be delivered until fees are paid. 

* If you are not satisfied with how your clothing looks on you in your photos after the session is completed and delivered for any reason, this is not the responsibility of the photographer to do any kind of free make up photo session. Please remember that the phrase "Oh, you can photo shop that right!?" is NOT true. Photo retouching can only go so far.

* Iron your cloths, make sure they're flattering to you, and most importantly do not wear white.

* If you plan on multiple outfits this does not mean the session will be longer. You can pay for more time if you wish. This needs to be discussed ahead of time, if not then your session is still only one hour. Take into consideration the time it will take you to change outfits.

* If you do not have your children already dressed for pictures and plan to dress them when you arrive, then arrive 15-20 minutes early to do so please!

* If your child is uncooperative for any reason we will do our best to capture what we can, but a non smiley and grumpy toddler/child is what we will have to remember this stage by, the photo shoot will not be done free of cost for any reason.

* If you can not make it to your photo session and do not give a notice  7 days prior your retainer is liquidated and you will need to submit a new retainer to reschedule a photo session for another date. 

* If you schedule multiple sessions over a period of time and are continually late you will be required to pay your entire session fee ahead of time, and will not be refunded if you cancel less than 10 days before the date of our session, nor will the photo session last longer than your end time if you arrive late.

* A common question is: "Can I get you to post just a quick sneak peek?" Or "Can you email me just a couple to print for the event I need these photos for since it is in just a few days?" - The answer is always, 'NO' . A rush order option is available for all clients. You can choose to rush your photos and have them completed much faster than the original waiting period of 3-4 weeks. If you do not choose this option your photos will be completed within the average time frame of everyone else.

* Your photos are NOT given to you on a USB without choosing the upgraded option to order a USB. $50 for every USB. 

All client images are fully touched up, edited carefully, individually by hand and require professional printing if you would like the best quality images printed in your home. Clients receive an ONLINE GALLERY with a specific link of their own photos that is emailed to them. This link is the highest quality guaranteed and most affordable place to order prints. IF you choose to order your images on a USB and print elsewhere there is no guarantee the quality will be the best. 

4X6 - .50
5X7 - $3
8X10 - $6
16X20 - $23
(Additional print sizes and many more products available online. 
You will see them all in your gallery when the photos are completed.)

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