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Because every wedding is different and unique, please contact me to discuss your wedding day needs.  Please email with your wedding date and location. I have weddings book up to 18 months in advance.  Please don't forget to include your date and location so I can check right away if I am available. 



Every Wedding collection includes:
- Bridal consultation
  Consultations take place at my photography studio location in Turlock. If couple lives too far out of town and needs to meet at a coffee shop in a surrounding town that is also an option to meet and sign our contracts.  Consultations are only scheduled when Bride and Groom are ready to sign their contract and secure their wedding date. 

All of the information below is to give you the most information as possible all at once. 
If you do not see any question answered that you have please ask in your email. Because of time restraints and being able to give my absolute best to every single couple and family I work for, in person meetings are NOT AVAILABLE unless couple is ready to sign a contract, submit a retainer and secure their wedding date. If you want to speak over the phone or use face time to get to know each other first that can be arranged. Please understand I want to get to know you just as you want to know a little more about me before your wedding day but I also do not have the time to have meet and greet meetings with couples in person as this would take away valuable time. 

-Wedding day coverage by Heather Marshall 
-Custom timeline for your wedding day
We meet in person to create the timeline together 6 weeks prior to the wedding date.
-All high resolution images that are selected as the 'best of' individually hand edited.  
Image quantity varies. 300-700 images depending on wedding size and hours booked.
-Online gallery you can share with your family and friends to order affordable professional quality prints and products. 
-USB flash drive of your high resolution wedding images. 

Package 1:
-6 hours of wedding day coverage $2,100
Usually for a ceremony & reception in one location. This allows for coverage up to the cake cutting and bouquet toss IF all at one venue with a traditional ceremony, and all goes as scheduled. 
-All high resolution images with personal printing rights
-A collection of 'the best of' images edited in high resolution 
-Your online gallery can be shared with your family and friends to order professional quality prints and products. 

Package 2:
  -7 hours of wedding day coverage $2,300
7 hours guarantees coverage all the way up to the time the dance floor opens up. Intended for the entire day to either be at one location, or if the pre wedding getting ready photos are within a 20 minute drive to the venue (If all goes according to a typical wedding day schedule)
-All high resolution images with personal printing rights
-A collection of 'the best of' images edited in high resolution 
-Your online gallery can be shared with your family and friends to order professional quality prints and products.
Package 3:
-8 hours of wedding day coverage $2,500
Usually for a ceremony & reception in two separate locations, allowing enough time for driving to locations for photos, the longer church ceremony, and still capture some speeches, bouquet toss and dances too! 
-All high resolution images with personal printing rights
-A collection of 'the best of' images edited in high resolution 
-Your online gallery can be shared with your family and friends to order professional quality prints and products.

__ Additional information__
* Additional hours up to 10 hours is $200/Hour. 
*If more than 10 hours of coverage is needed fee is $3,500 for the entire day coverage.  
*Add an Engagement session for a discounted rate of $200. Session is 60-90 minutes, two outfits, all of your best edited images in an online downloadable gallery.
*Print your photos professionally from your online gallery link for the best quality!

How to lock in your wedding day with HMP
-When Booking HMP for your wedding day we will meet in person to sign our contract and a minimum $500 deposit is due to hold your wedding date. Phone & email conversations are great to talk before deciding if we are the perfect match for each other, and when you and your fiance decide I will fit right in with your family, we will meet at the earliest convenience to sign and lock in your special day. Wedding dates are not 'held' without a contract and retainer.

Your photographer is with you your entire day, that is a big deal.  I do not take the responsibility lightly. Requesting an in person meeting to only have a' meet and greet' is not available because of the extremely limited time I have. Thankfully with technology today phone conversations or Skype/face-time is available for couples wanting to meet the potential photographer they may choose. It is as close to having an in person meeting that I can schedule during specific office hours, or after office hours depending on the convenience of all of us. In person meetings are only scheduled for the day we have contract signings, as well as an in person 'final meeting' when we have to create the wedding day schedule timeline, which is also when the final payment must be made. This meeting is required a minimum of 30 days prior to the wedding date.

I mix a lot of natural and artificial light in my weddings.  Some Bridal images are very posed and have a 'romance' feel, some are very bright fun and playful and of course there are the candid moments I capture all through out the entire day as the journalistic style.

-Again, I stress the importance of no less than 4 weeks before your wedding we have to meet again. This is where we make a very detailed time line of your day and plan every photo aspect out before hand so there are no surprises on the wedding day. The final payment is also made at this final meeting by cash or personal check. No credit cards are accepted. Every detail is planned out ahead of time. We are prepared with lists, names, phone numbers of the best man and maid of honor as well as vendors and have a set plan that we make together. This photography schedule is specific to the names of every family member and bridal party member so it is extremely important that every person who you wish to be in your photos is made aware of the schedule and when they need to be ready and where to be.

How many images can I expect to see from our wedding? Do we get a disc or USB of all the images?
- You will receive all of your images on a usb flash drive. You will receive every image deemed credible and thought to be 'photo album worthy' and it will be anywhere from  a minimum of 200 to an outstanding 600+ images.A minimum of 200 images will be selected as the 'best of' to be fully touched up. The image quantity is always different depending on the wedding day, how many family members you have, how large your bridal party is, the amount of time allowed for detail photos, etc. You will also receive an online gallery you can share with your family and friends. This gallery is where you can order all of your prints and products.

How long until we’ll see the proofs - do you offer an online service where we can log onto and get access prior to a disc?

- There will be a 'sneak peek' usually within one week after the wedding. This is usually one or two bridal images from the day shared on my Facebook Fan page   or Instagram Complete wait time is no more than 8 weeks after the wedding date. Average wait time for summer and fall weddings is 7-8 weeks. 

When is the balance due?

-The remaining balance is due no less than 4 (four) weeks before the wedding. We always try our best to meet in person and create a time line together, and a detailed list of names and 'must have' photographs and this is when the final payment is made. If you live out of town and are not able to meet in person for this meeting then we do these things over the phone and email, you will mail the final payment. It must be made before the wedding day.

Do you accept credit card payments?
-No. Accepted forms of payments are cash, check or cashiers check.

Cancellation policy? (We don't anticipate needing this but always good to know)

-Every wedding booking requires a non refundable $500 retainer. This is non refundable. If for any reason I become too ill or injured and can not photograph your wedding, I will do everything in my power to replace me with a photographer as experienced and educated as I am with wedding photography. Should I not be able to provide a photographer replacement, financial refund will be given. Should client cancel the wedding date the retainer is NOT refundable.

Will you stay extra hours (if need be) for an extra fee?

-Yes. Although we try our best to plan ahead and know beforehand the amount of time I will need to be with you on your wedding day, there can always be reason you may decide you would like me to stay longer. Additional hours covering the reception do have an additional fee.  If at the final meeting while making the schedule you realize you need additional hours the additional fee will be owed right then. If you decide on the day of the wedding more hours are needed the fee is due at that time. IF you can not pay the additional over time that evening it need to be paid as soon as possible. Images are not released until the additional over time is compensated.

How much time before the ceremony do you need to take the photos of everyone getting ready, and all of the "Pre-wedding" photos? 

Typically, you will start your photography time 2-3 hours before the ceremony. Depending on the time of your ceremony and where you will be getting ready. Will you be getting ready at the same location of the ceremony and reception? Or do you have to drive from your home to the church/ceremony? Will you be planning on doing a "first look" with your spouse and need the extra time for the photos to happen pre ceremony?  These are details we cover at our meetings . Every detail will be discussed and planned, all pre-wedding photos with details of where the women and the men are getting ready, and how to best use our time to photograph as much as possible of everyone's pre wedding excitement and details. VERY IMPORTANT that you also make a schedule with your make up artist and hair person. If hair and make  up delay, our planning will be for nothing if there isn't a plan set with make up and hair schedules as well.

 How do you like to schedule a wedding day? (pictures before/after – both?)

-Every wedding is different. Some couples don't believe in seeing each other before the ceremony and will not choose the "first look" option and some choose to have a 'first look' to save on time after the ceremony. However the day goes, before the ceremony I always take the photos of the girls and guys groups separate. All of the ladies with the Bride and the Bride's portraits as well. The Bride and Groom will also take portraits with their parents before the ceremony and with their siblings as well. As many photos that can be taken with family members before the ceremony as possible is best. The men also take all of their images together before the ceremony. This will free up much more time after the ceremony to just have to take the immediate family photos, followed by the bridal party, and ending cocktail hour with the Bride & Groom's portraits. The cocktail hour goes much faster than you would think so we pre plan a lot of your day. If your wedding ceremony and reception are at separate locations and you will both be getting ready in separate locations, we will talk further into detail about how these types of weddings are planned.
**Photography SHOULD ALWAYS START a minimum of 2 hours before the ceremony. ALWAYS.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?
- Between 25-30 weddings every year, give or take a couple 
Every wedding is booked for the entire day. 
I will never photograph more than one wedding per day.

Will you help us with poses? 
- Of course. It is what I am here for. I love to talk with you about what you like and dislike in wedding photos. Bride and Groom, Bridal party images and so on. We always discuss these things before the wedding so I know we are on the same page. I have a style mixed with dramatic lighting and very posed, as well as journalistic, and on the other side very light and airy and playful. No couple is exactly the same so I like to know what style best suits you. 

Can I request certain poses?

-Of course!! We talk about these requests before the wedding so we already have an idea of what kind of style you like as far as your 'posed' photos are. However, if you have a Pinterest board over flowing with dozens upon dozens of your 'must have' images, I have to be honest with you and tell you, these are dozens of couples' most special moments you've 'pinned' and you can not create this magical abundance of over the top images to match all of these different couples' images. It is your day. It is your husband/wife. It is your style. Your love on this day. Do not get wrapped up in replicating their image, just be in love, be happy, and let your special day happen, and THIS is how you will get the best images you could hope for by simply being in the moment of your day.

Are you able to take a variety of posed picture of the entire bridal party? 

- Yes. With time willing. I always remind my couples that we don't want to focus so much on so many variety poses with the bridal party and it take too much time away from their own portraits. yes, your bridal party is very important to you both. Yes, of course I personally want to have a great time with you all and take so many photos. If we can plan enough time for all of this, then it is no problem to keep the day focused on the photography and FUN of the bridal party, your best friends, your new sisters you're gaining, your cousin you think of as your sister, and the same dynamics for your future Husband and his guys.  They are your best friends, and closest family members... But in reality will you really blow up a 20x30 canvas print of you and your bridal party for your home? Well, maybe, it might be neat... my point is, the wedding party is important but you and your spouse are even more! So we want to make sure we plan ahead of time what images are a must have and be able to get through them quickly and still have a great time taking them, with out feeling rushed, and make sure that no time is taken away from your camera time with just the two of you! My focus on your wedding day is all about what YOU want. I will always be transparent and make sure I am very clear with couples about how important time management is on a wedding day.

Do you favor one lens? What kind of camera do you use?
-I use the top of the line canon cameras and lenses. I generally always have a 24-70mm lens and for the ceremony time, some bridal poses and outdoor dances I use a 70-200mm. If you don't know much about cameras and lenses, these are wide angle and zoom lenses which allow me to capture everything in many different angles and focal lengths. I also have back up cameras. back up lenses. back up flashes. many memory cards and always have back up charged batteries. Nothing is more important than your once in a life time wedding day and I don't take it lightly that you have chosen me to capture this time for you!

Do we need to feed you at our reception?

-No. You don't have to when a wedding is only contracted for a 6 hour day there is no reason for me to eat. Now, if you hire me for the entire day of 8+ hours, it is appreciated to be given a vendor meal. The only thing about the photographer eating, unlike most vendors who always eat after the guests, I can not do this. I must eat when the Bride eats, because when the Bride is finished I have to be up and ready to photograph what is going to happen next. If a seat and vendor meal is not provided there is a 20 minute break during the time the Bride and Groom eat that the photographer will also exit the room/building to have the meal brought from home.

Can our friends and family take photos with their cameras while you take pictures?
-Absolutely not. Just kidding, yes, but only at certain times. When I am setting up and trying my hardest to organize large groups of family for the best family images we can get, and a half dozen people are standing behind me taking photos, I promise you that at least a few of your family member will be looking at somebody else's camera. I am very polite about this to the family and guests, I simply ask them all to please stand to the side and do not shoot over my shoulder to avoid people looking at the wrong camera but they are more than able to get all of these family images after the wedding as I do give all of the images to the Bride and Groom. Now when the reception is in full swing, absolutely take all the photos you want! Just don't plant yourself right in front of the Bride and Groom at cake cutting time. I will be sure to ask ( politely  guests to 'scootch over' for me if I need to. I just  ask guests to not shoot during the posed images after the ceremony to avoid the distraction. If they do take photos, just stand to the side, however with the Bridal images I do always have only the couple with me and my trusty assistant and try to have these images as private as we can so you both are as relaxed as possible. 

Do you have an assistant? 
-Yes. I have an assistant at almost every wedding.
If you have a wedding all at one venue with a small intimate bridal party and smaller guest list I may come alone in this case. It is rare that I shoot a wedding with out an assistant but some times does happen. The assistant who is also a second photographer will be taking images of details, guests visiting/candid photos of people visiting, and wide angle shots of the ceremony. I am the main photographer always and everything that is most important is taken care of only with me. All of the portraits of the men's side, and the women's side is only photographed by me. There is not a second photographer to be with the men in a different location, while I am with the women at another. It is always me photographing with both sides of the bridal party for all posed/non posed getting ready photos. Assistants and second shooters are not responsible for the most important images of the day of family/friends, that is my number one job, and a second photographer is for exactly the things listed above. 

Do you travel? Is there a travel fee?
-Yes. I am available for travel. If your wedding venue is more than 60 miles / minutes drive from 95380 zip code there may be an additional fee for travel. Further details will be discussed if this may be a requirement for your wedding. It may be by miles, or if over 3 hours away hotel accommodations will need to be provided for 1-2 nights depending on location of the wedding. 

You said you give us an online gallery to order professional prints of our wedding photos, what are the prices?
To keep great, professional quality prints affordable for all clients there is an online gallery that all couples can order prints directly from the company and all products will be shipped directly to your home. This eliminates having to go through me to order prints keeping it convenient for you to order when you are ready and not within a specific time deadline.

4X6 - .50

5X7 - $3

8X10 - $6

16X20 - $23

(Additional print sizes and many more products available online. 

You will see them all in your gallery when the photos are completed.)
What if I lose my flash drive from the wedding? Can I get another one from you?


-Wedding collections are only saved for 6 months. PLEASE BE CAREFUL with how you handle your wedding images once you receive them. You MUST download them to your own personal computer AS WELL AS back them up onto a secondary flash drive AND/OR an external hard drive. These images are all you have, store them in multiple locations! With the amount of weddings shot each year it is impossible for me to archive all of the  weddings photographed. Your online gallery link given after the wedding to share with family and friends will however be available for up to 2 years. PRINT your photos. The online gallery is extremely easy to use, inexpensive and the images ship right to your house. 

*Friday and Sunday Weddings available with a discounted price.
 Depending on location and wedding size. 
If your wedding is on a Friday or Sunday please just ask for further details. 


The Bride and Groom seeing each other for the first time is so magical!
 Whether it be during a "first look" or when she enters the aisle to walk to her Groom...

Weddings are supposed to be fun right?

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