What should we wear?

Great question. Here are some samples of how to coordinate your clothing. 
Choosing what to wear can be the hardest part of the process. 
 Use these examples to show you how to coordinate colors and textures.

Remember, avoid solid white t shirts!

DO NOT WEAR solid white on everyone in large groups.

*If you are doing a newborn photo shoot in studio solid white is fine. 


Patterns are great. Too much of a great thing, is a bad thing though. The rule I always try to remember is for every busy patterned shirt one person should be in a solid coordinating color and the third person in a texture of some sort. There is a right and wrong way to put patterns, colors, textures together. See the examples below to help you figure out your own outfits. 


Lastly, don't be afraid of color, find some color pallets below that you like and run with it! 

Ideas for senior sessions click HERE

 The extended Family coordinates perfectly and even...
 The borken down smaller groups look fantastic for their own smaller groupings.


Solid black is a favorite for studio family newborn sessions