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This couple... has a very special place in my heart for a lot of reasons. I am so glad I met them last winter, and she asked me to photograph their wedding! ( Although at the time, I told her No... because I was still afraid to photograph weddings... and now, I can't imagine what it would be like if I weren't capturing these amazing days with Brides like her!) I love you guys!
I started the day stopping by the guy's first. They were getting ready at a nearby hotel, and Ayse had ordered a special gift for her handsome new groom. It was fun seeing what it was....
The Groom. The best man. The Father of the Groom. - Uh, and a hanger. Don't ask ;) 

 While the men were getting the last  of their things gathered, I took off to make it to my beautiful friend.
But before saying their "I do's" the Bride must lean on the help of her bridesmaids to get into the dress first.. 
Now, this handsome new Groom, also had a very special gift for his Beautiful Bride. Her maid of Honor handed her a little box... and she was VERY happy to open it!
A special moment when the women shared a moment in prayer before going into the ceremony.

So... not only was the bride emotional, the whole house was! This wedding was filled with an outpouring of Love for Ayse & Glenn, and even I was crying... trying to make myself stop so I could still see to take photos!

Seeing how proud the Bride & Groom's Parent's are on their wedding day, always makes me wonder how it will be when my own beautiful children grow up. I can't imagine how Steve felt while dancing with his little girl this night.

This is by far the best bouquet catch in history of HMP weddings!

Don't worry, nobody was hurt!
Always a fun time for the men to do ;)

One big surprise for the Bride and Groom, was her parents were awesome and got them an awesome vintage limousine to take them away from the venue... It was a great way to end the day!

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  1. looks like a beautiful wedding . You did an amazing job capturing it. wonderful photos !