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John + Megan 

South Lake Tahoe Wedding 

May 21,2016 


After the crew helped Megan and John get all ready we were thrilled to prepare for their first look! 
This entire day was filled with so much love. All of their family and friends were watching from afar.
Isn't it wonderful to be so in love with your spouse you just feel excited!?!?

Something special Megan and John did was say their vows to each other after their first look, before going to the church for their ceremony, and it was incredible watching them overcome with emotions.

This entire day was focused on the family and closest friends being together for Megan and John's wedding. They went out of their way to thank everyone who was a part of their wedding and also their parents. They gifted their parents special items and even more tears flowed. 

This Bridal party endured freezing wind and snow. They were helping hold jackets over each other in between taking the photos and drink deliveries too. Everyone was a team player.
Drink delivery and jackets example here:
These guys. Giant teenagers they are!  

They do straighten up though, and are so handsome!  

They are almost as cute at these ladies... almost.  

Taking photos with each Bridesmaid/Groomsmen individually is something special I love doing while photographing weddings. Each person in your bridal party has a place in your heart for a reason!
Oh, and the little munchkins in your bridal party. You never know what you're in for when having toddlers be part of your bridal party. There can be tears, giggles, screaming, running, smash gold fish crackers in random places and a lot of smarties candy pieces used for bribery! 
These kids did fantastic for having to deal with the freezing cold AND snow that showed up. 
The freezing wind was constant the entire day but the snow was sporadic through the day. Thankfully the heaviest it snowed was the time we were in this beautiful church for the ceremony. 

When you can capture a truly incredible emotion between people when they aren't aware of anything but their loved one it is pretty incredible. Just a few moments before walking down the aisle to her husband wrapped in her dads arm. How special!

Giving a toast with a couple special guys after the ceremony.
Thankfully the snow let up while we were wrapping up family photos in the church and we were able to take some portraits of Megan and John. The only 'pretty' place as close as possible was on the corner of the church sidewalk and I had Megan's brother helping block the road in case a car drove by too quickly and didn't see me in the road. Photographers do what we need to get the best images possible. 

Mean muggin' . They had to do it. 

The weather kept shifting the whole day. This was as clear as it became all day just before the reception. The heavy clouds came rolling in extremely fast. Just after all kinds of shenanigans going on out on the dock followed by the introductions, speeches, dances, donuts, and way too much booze. Well, see for yourself how much fun the night was! 

Let's all gather in and cheers one more time!

I can't forget the random stranger decked out in American flag gear giving high and low fives to the crew. 

A few pretty details displayed at the wedding were a Polaroid guest book, donut bar and a memory table. All very special touches. 
A beautiful prayer before dinner.

Everyone was thankful for the donuts! 

Because EVERYONE should take a shot with their Grandma on their wedding day! 


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