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It is after midnight and I have a quiet house with every special face I love so much sound asleep. This is the perfect time for me to do all of my photo processing. Late nights are a normal thing for me as I am always doing photo shoots during the day as well as the regular tasks a mother of three kids will. 
Tonight I was thrilled to get a chance to catch up on some sessions coming up quickly to their deadline I like to have them complete by. All was looking great. A giant coffee was finished before 9:00pm, dinner cleaned up, kids showered, snuggled for a bit with them and watched a bit of their movie making sure the end of their day they knew Mommy was focused on their needs and not consumed with work, like always... 

Life is great. Our family is extremely busy every day. Life rarely slows down for us. 
I get my perfectly quiet house, ready to knock out a 'ton of work' and my computer says I can not do any photo editing because it is out of memory! What!?! No way, are you kidding me!!?? 

So, for the past hour I have been backing up files, deleting what needs to be and finding some insanely beautiful  family sessions I never got the chance to share! This is a "Throw back Thursday" (that technically is now Friday morning) of one of my favorite family sessions from fall 2015. 

I guess there is always a bright side. While I am organizing my computer files I was able to load these photos and am excited to share these sweet photos on the blog tonight. This morning. Whatever it is right now.
- These are some of my favorite faces to photograph. Mom always dresses them  P E R F E C T!

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