Turlock, Ca Newborn Photographer | Heather Marshall Photography

I spend most of my weekends with weddings taking up all my time. When I don't have weddings scheduled you know you'll find me shooting all day out at the river or local hiking trails. In between the two I photograph newborn babies on the week days. This year I have photographed more newborns than ever before and October 2015 has the most amount of due dates per month ever for me. It is an amazing thing, especially when I photograph a couple from their Engagement to their wedding and shortly after photograph their first born baby. Be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook pages. Here, you'll not see many of the sweet babes. You'll get the blog posts of wedding previews  (When I can find the time to post them) which we all love of course, but there isn't anything like a brand new baby. Nothing compares. ♥

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