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I have been a tad MIA here on the blog again. I will admit it isn't as much as before, but it is all for very good reason. I am very happy to post a big giant THANK YOU to all of you who have been keeping my weekends full, and my week nights late ;) 

I have one last wedding for June, and have a whole month of taking it easy in July so we can get everything caught up, reconnect with our family, and re charge for a busy month of weddings in August. 
Not only will we have some amazingly beautiful couple's to photograph, but school will be starting for our oldest daughter too! Along with the beginning of the school year are also so many fun seniors to photograph. I feel like I am on cloud 9 these days. Most of the time, I will honestly say if I slow down for a few moments I would probably fall asleep on that cloud ;) 

Stay tuned everyone, there a much much more photos to share with you all, and I will be getting them posted for you as quickly as I can! 
♥ Heather

What is your favorite color pallet for a wedding??

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