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I have a website and I need to get serious about keeping it updated! I am very sorry that I have been neglecting this blog!!  I am so thankful for the power of Facebook, and how much it has taken my business to such an amazing level of success in such a short time. I am continuing to schedule sessions every weekend, mixed in with weddings, and newborns mostly during the week when they arrive, even though I swore I would keep at least one open weekend a month to have 'free' with my family.

In order to keep my schedule going smoothly and not letting work over take me, I tend to neglect this web page. I have 99% of my client base through Facebook, so it is obviously easy to post sneak peeks through Facebook, tag my clients and that is a way to show off the beautiful faces I get to work with.. I know this website is very important and I need to treat it that way! I am going to try my hardest to keep this site updated as regularly as I do on Facebook... TRY is the key word, and I promise I will be serious about this.. I really will try my hardest!

Here are a few images from the last couple weeks of sessions.. there are much much more, that I will be putting together for a blog post soon.

HAVE I MENTIONED I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING SENIORS? Well, I do.. Lots of senior images will be coming up the next two months!

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