Junior : Clas of 2012 | Turlock, Ca High School Senior Photographer | Heather Marshall Photography

Oh geez... Where do I start?   I was thrilled when I was asked to take the senior photos for this guy... see when we were younger in elementary / Jr. High we were all friends. I was friends with his big brother actually, and I still remember Junior as the "little brother" ... 

I think back to our school days and when we would all tease each other and call each other names... and now, it is amazing for me to grasp the fact that we are all growing up!

He is so gorgeous! Sweet. Fun. Has a girlfriend who is a total BEAUTY! Graduating from High School and the whole world is right in front of him. I add this session to one of the top most important for me. I am getting to capture such important times for so many people in my life. Past and present friends are a continued part of my life now because of photography. I am so blessed to do this. Thank you so so SO much!

|Dad and crazy little brother|

The BEAUTY girlfriend.... :) 

More photos from the rest of this shoot coming soon!

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