Class of 2012 | Atwater Ca Senior Photographer | Heather Marshall Photography

How lucky am I to get to work with so many wonderfully beautiful people!?! 

I was so thrilled when I met this girl. I was taking her family photos last month (with the whole gang.. BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!)  and she asked me "do you take senior pictures?" 

First, I was shocked she's a senior. She is stunning and I thought she was at lest early 20's ... second.. I freaked out. yes. freaked out. like, in a good way. I had just had a conversation with my Husband about how badly I wanted to get in touch with more seniors. I wanted to have senior reps. for HMP and have my 'team' of reps. 
Although 'A' was a little late.. (cough- ok really late) in the game to get her senior photos done, and is graduating in a few months,  I am so happy she did, because we found each other and we got to have such a fun afternoon with her shoot. I'm looking forward to delivering her senior rep cards to her to pass out.. I can't decide on what images to use for her cards.. she is so gorgeous I love them all! 

Can't wait to keep photographing for their family, and getting to meet her friends (um, I hope) for even more senior shoots this year.

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