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I would just like to say that, staying up super SUPER late almost every night of the week for the last several months has been an amazing blessing as much as its been .. um... not. I have to say a huge thank you to all of the wonderful people who have chosen me to be their family photographer, their engagement photographer, even for their wedding! WHAT!?! Heather, she photographs weddings too? I'll tell you what, this has been the fastest moving year of my life. I started Photography in the middle of 2010, and who knew I would come this far so quickly!?

I will admit to the world that I do enjoy the late night bowls of cereal while the house is super quiet and I am alone with my images to work on, but.. oh my! My youngest baby is 8 months old.. and my two girls.. well, they keep me busy! I can not always keep up with posts on this blog, though I wish I could. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the 'sneak peeks' through Facebook. Doesn't everyone use Facebook like crazy these days anyway? So the blog does become an after thought sometimes. I just wanted to share some insight for ya'll that.. the blog may seem neglected, but it is because I am out with you wonderful clients of mine, and working hard on your images at home after. Please, bare with me this holiday season and pray with me, that we all find the peace and acceptance that nobody can 'do it all' :) Here are some of my favorite images from the last weekend.
So much love to all of you!
~ Heather

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