Im TOO excited! | Engagement & Wedding Photographer | Central Valley, Ca

I think I am too excited over this couple's engagement and fall wedding! Well, I guess you couldn't be too excited really, could you? I have known these two for as long as my husband and I have been together. They have about a year on us.. but "B" over there (in my words) "Stepped up" and proposed! :D I rarely see them anymore just because of busy lives getting the best of us all. But the first thing I said when we met for their session was "Good for you, steppin' up!" I HAD to give him a hard time! :) These two are very laid back, funny, and sometimes it is hard for me to tell if our conversations are still joking or if they've switched to serious. LOL. I am so looking forward to their wedding in just a couple months! They'll make the most beautiful bride and groom!

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