An amazing deaf photographer, & her beautiful daughter! | Central Valley, ca | Family photographer

This amazing woman of SS Photography totally made my day when she asked for us to meet up! She is a photographer from out of town, and she was nearby visiting her daughter before a wedding gig she had going on. She was born deaf, and I think it is wonderful, she is such a successful photographer even with something that most people would think hold her back.

I was blessed to photograph some Mother/Daughter portraits for them and Stacey photographed my sweetie pie crazy kiddos with me! :) I am thinking I got the better end of the deal though.. Check out her work by clicking HERE and you will see some wonderful images! thank you again girls, I was honored to have this afternoon with you!
♥ Heather

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  1. Thank you for the great photos, Heather! We love all of our photos :)