Something about Love...

There is something about Love that every girl has this made up fairy tale in their mind. Being married myself and having a family of 5 to take care of, I know that the fairy tale most girls dream of, isn't out there. True love is hard work, dedication, and respect. For yourself, and your spouse and children. True love is making it as long as these two have made and it living every day knowing that no matter what is going on, you're only in the fairy tale you create yourself. So rejoice in the Lord and know that life is only what you make it to be. God gives us all the tools needed to achieve our goals! Be good to people. Think before you speak. Admit when you are wrong. Take responsibility. Work hard. Set your goals high, and don't give up. Be the hands and feet of the Lord and do his work. Live everyday as an example of respect that you want your own children to aspire to. And be happy!

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