{Keeping up on the Blog?}

Keeping up on the Blog? .... No, not you.. me! Though,  I hope that you are... at least better than I am! I've been slippin' lately.. It could have something to do with a newborn, a preschooler, a 2yr old potty training, family visiting from out of state, and a few more things on the lsit... I have some great sessions that I have let slip by with out getting posted on the blog! Though they are posted to the HMP Fan Page on facebook. Like the G Family or the S Family I met with recently. And likewise, on this blog there may be posts that slipped by the fan page.. either way, most of what I do, has been posted somewhere! ;) Though I do not post more than a few photos from any session. I prefer sneak peeks up for sharing, but keeping the rest of the photos for the families to share the rest if they wish. I just post up my few favs to show off the great people I get to meet! :)

.......And.......Since this a photography blog.... I can't not post a photo. Here is a quirky photo of my sweet little girl havin' lunch :) just a simple snap shot, but cute!

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