Maternity Leave for this PhotogMom!

As a lot of people know, (because I have been talking about it non stop) our third baby is due to arrive in just 19 DAYS! I am very excited, anxious, nervous, all of the above! I am officially taking a short break from sessions but of course will be back in action very quickly! I already have a few sessions lined up for when I return, and I wanted to post my plan for scheduling for the first couple months of returning. I plan to keep it very light and simple so it doesn't consume me, and keep me away from my family too much. As we adjust and things have an easier flow to them, I will be able to add more and more availability for sessions as my family life allows!

I will strictly take on sessions 'first come first serve' and the sooner you email and get things lined up, you are in the books! Once I do not have anything available for the month of May & June, I will work out July and August on what days will be available. 

For details on scheduling and pricing you can click HERE 

Dates Available: 
(all of May is booked)
*May 1, Sunday -BOOKED

Morning: 11:30am  Booked (Jamie C. Family-5)-Atwater
Afternoon: 3:00pm Booked (Aimee B. Family-7)-Atwater
Evening: 5:30pm Booked (Misty A Family- 11)-Atwater

*May 14, Sunday -BOOKED
3:00pm A&B W. Photos

*May 15, -BOOKED
Afternoon:Booked (W Family)-Modesto

*May 21, Saturday 

Morning: 10:30am Booked  (Ana G. Family-5)-Atwater
Afternoon: 4:30 Booked (M. Lomeli Girls)-Modesto

*May 28, Saturday BOOKED

Morning: Booked (M.A.T Family)- ps. A.G Fam
Afternoon: Booked (Perez Family)-Modesto

*May 29, Sunday BOOKED 

Morning: Booked (R Maternity)

Afternoon: Booked (Acosta couple session)-Atwater

*June 5, Saturday BOOKED
Afternoon: (TBD) (Amanda F. Family of 3)

*June 12, Sunday BOOKED

Morning: 11:00am Booked (Karen H. Family-4)Turlock
Afternoon: Booked (B Family)  

*June 18, Saturday (1 available) 
Afternoon: Booked (L Family) 

*June 25, Saturday - BOOKED
"Capruting Moments for a Cause" 
Private sessions- Location TBD

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